Year 12 Psamosere trip

The last trip of the year with the Geography department involved driving up to Blue Point in the north of the island.  Students were investigating if the sand dunes followed the classic textbook theory.


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Year 7 trips to Onchan Village walk


All our year 7 tutor groups visited Onchan Village Walk at the start of July.  We were studying how an area tackles crime from rule setting to cctv and other security measures.  This will be followed up by a study of our school site.

Pictured is 7A enjoying the fair weather after a weeks delay from the rain.

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Year 12 North Wales/Manchester trip

The year 12’s carried out a piece of coursework for their Geog 2 exam studying channel efficiency down a hanging valley of Cwm Dyli, Snowdonia.  Other highlights included, Harlech sand dunes, Manchester City Centre, Salford Quays, Media City and finishing with a visit up Radio City Tower in Liverpool.  All 10 students learnt a lot and hopefully now feel more confident going into their exam having felt and experienced the Geography.

breakfast tv 2group snowdon

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Year 13’s study a plagioclimax

With the weather being kind our year 13’s studied heather at Creg ny Baa and at Keppel gate to identify stages on the heather cycle and record the impact of Muirburn.

Only 1 more trip before they leave 😦


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