‘My Patch’ Project

Year 7 geography students have been busy during the last few weeks creating a visual representation of their place in the world. The successful “My patch” project has challenged students to use maps, photographs and fieldsketches to describe their location at different scales, using various mapping and analysis techniques and skills that they have been learning in their geography lessons this term.

Students were able to create hand drawn sketch maps to show their skills with grid references, symbols, and compass directions, supported by use of ICT such as google maps to search and pinpoint key features in their local area. Students were also able to use the free Outdoor Leisure Maps that were issued earlier in the year to every Year 7 student by the DOI, which enabled them to look in much greater detail at their immediate environment. Students enjoyed being able to engage with the task by describing areas and places they knew well.

An understanding of OS maps and analysis of photographs is a key skill that students use throughout geography at St. Ninians, and is an integral part of examination success through coursework at GCSE and skills examination units at AS and A2.

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