Chief Examiner puts them through their paces

Year 12 Geographers with Miss Moore and Mr Redfern

Year 12 Geographers with Miss Moore and Mr Redfern

Sixth form geography students took part in an all island A-level geography workshop at Castle Rushen High School on Saturday 15th January.

Giving up the usual early morning lie-in may not have been appealing to some, but the workshop was led by Mr David Redfern, Chief Examiner for Geography with AQA Examination Board, and therefore very much worth attending. Students were already familiar with his name, given that he is one of the authors of the key text book for their course, but were able to hear directly from him how to ‘think like a Geographer’.

His focus at this workshop was developing student awareness of skills and fieldwork preparation for the GEOG2 unit which asks students to apply map, graphical and thinking skills to unknown data and resources, and report and analyse data collection that the students have completed themselves.

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