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Year 11 Revision Sessions

Get the best grade you can at Geography GCSE by attending our additional revision sessions.You will get advice on exam technique and skills and a chance to familiarise yourself again with case studies and key themes from the six topics studied. You will also be given a special Mr Macgregor complete course revision pack when you attend!

There are six sessions, and there will be two chances each week to attend the session. You can also pop into the geography department at any time and speak to any of the teachers if you need to check something out.


Session 1: Exam advice, planning, use of diagrams, use of case studies & warnings.

Tuesday March 6th: Room 16a 3.15-4pm

Thursday March 8th: Room16a 1.30-1.55pm


Session 2: Physical case studies and how to use them

Tuesday March 13th: Room 16a 3.15-4pm

Thursday March 15th: Room 16a 1.30-1.55pm


Session 3: Human case studies and how to use them

Tuesday March 20th: Room 16a 3.15-4pm

Thursday March 22nd: Room 16a 1.30-1.55pm


Session 4: Command words and use of key words

Tuesday March 27th: Room 16a 3.15-4pm

Thursday March 29th: Room 16a 1.30-1.55pm


Session 5: Describing from graphs, photos and maps

Tuesday April 17th: Room 16a 3.15-4pm

Thursday April 19th: Room 16a 1.30-1.55pm


Session 6: Level questions and how to make every mark count.

Tuesday April 24th: Room 16a 1.30-1.55pm

Tuesday April 24th: Room 16a 3.15-4pm

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Move Over MVO

One of the teams with the work they produced

One of the teams with the work they produced

The Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) would have been impressed by year 9 geographers carrying out a recent challenge as part of their Restless Earth topic.

The students had to think on their feet to act as Hazard Risk Assessors, Geologists and Crisis Managers to plot, plan and track a sequence of events that happened on the Caribbean island Montserrat in 1997 when the dormant volcano Soufriere Hills underwent a series of violent eruptions.

The teams had to take information that was being fed through from a “helicopter” at intervals, decide the likely consequences using relief maps and their knowledge of volcanic activity, and then make decisions on action from sending out search parties to evacuating whole towns.

When the student teams made the right decision, they received points for successful management of the hazard. The task made the geography students really consider not only the devastating effects that tectonic activity can create, but also how the type of response and management can minimize, or add to, the economic, environmental and social costs of a disaster.

Thanks to ‘Juicy Geography’ for the lesson resources.

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Geographically Themed Cakes!

Katy McMahon, a year 12 student, demonstrates her excellent culinary skills with a creative geography theme!

Katy's Geographically Themed Cakes

Katy's Geographically Themed Cakes

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Thinking of studying Geography at A-level?

Are you interested in what is going on around you?
The world is an amazing place. People, countries, cultures, events… we all need to know how the world works.

Want  to go into University?
If you are considering taking other A-levels such as Biology, Maths, languages and Sociology, there will be links between geography and these subjects that will support each other.

Interested in further education in a specific field?
Geography is an excellent basis to many University degree courses as varied as Environmental Sciences to Architecture. Geography is a multi-discipline subject; if you are a geographer, you can turn your hand to many different academic skills and areas.

Want to be able to get a job?
University statistics show that geography graduates are one of the top most ’employable’ due to their variety of skills. Employers want people who know what is going on around them and are able to think, predict and plan for what may happen in the future. The world is shrinking – telecommunication, trade, travel –  and the geographer can use that alongside seeing the bigger picture.

Geography is the Here and the Now. You can’t get through life without it.
For more information please speak to Miss Moore, Mr Macgregor or Mr Coole, or look at the course details on

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