Thinking of studying Geography at A-level?

Are you interested in what is going on around you?
The world is an amazing place. People, countries, cultures, events… we all need to know how the world works.

Want  to go into University?
If you are considering taking other A-levels such as Biology, Maths, languages and Sociology, there will be links between geography and these subjects that will support each other.

Interested in further education in a specific field?
Geography is an excellent basis to many University degree courses as varied as Environmental Sciences to Architecture. Geography is a multi-discipline subject; if you are a geographer, you can turn your hand to many different academic skills and areas.

Want to be able to get a job?
University statistics show that geography graduates are one of the top most ’employable’ due to their variety of skills. Employers want people who know what is going on around them and are able to think, predict and plan for what may happen in the future. The world is shrinking – telecommunication, trade, travel –  and the geographer can use that alongside seeing the bigger picture.

Geography is the Here and the Now. You can’t get through life without it.
For more information please speak to Miss Moore, Mr Macgregor or Mr Coole, or look at the course details on

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