Conquering Sugarloaf

Conquering Sugarloaf

Conquering Sugarloaf: Mr Macgregor, Mr Watt and Mr Mason

Mr Macgregor is not content at the moment with only doing his 90 miles a week training for the London marathon in April.  Last saturday saw him rope – literally – Mr Watt (Physics) and Mr Mason (Art) into a challenge that involved swimming out from the Chasms to the base of Sugarloaf stack and then climbing up to the top to play a round of what looks like ‘extreme golf’.  

Geography in action – without the power of coastal erosion and the specific rock formations creating the impressive coastline in the south of the island these three wouldn’t be able to get up to this sort of thing!   They also commented on the impressive amount of seagull guano and its impact on the environment!

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