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What's In Your Bin?

What's In Your Bin?

Year 8 geography students have been studying a topic this term in their geography lessons looking at natural resources, energy production, waste management and sustainability.  This week all Year 8 students visited the Energy from Waste (EFW) on Richmond Hill, to see how and why an intergrated system on waste management and energy generation works for the Isle of Man.

Staff from the EFW plant, led by Jack Kaighin, explained the operation of the plant, and took the students on a tour through the plant, allowing students to see the crane and hopper system, and to peer into the furnace at 1100 degree Celsius.  They also learnt about the importance of recycling and SITA’s role in this on the island. The EFW also has a wormery to show how composting is an environmentally friendly way to recycle food waste. Students also carried out a series of fieldwork and research tasks to investigate the environmental impact of the site and discuss why it was chosen for the plant. In previous lessons students have carried out an Environmental Impact Assessment of the Park Road school site so it enabled an interesting comparison.

Many thanks to the EFW plant and all it’s staff for welcoming the Y8 geographers and supporting their learning experience. Quotes from student letters to the EFW staff included:

“Thank you very much for the visit- I found it educational and very interesting. Thank you for the welcome”  Mica

“Thank you for the trip it was really enjoyable” Paul

“I liked the furnace and the crane!” Sammy

“Thank you for the intersting trip. The information you provided us will really help us with our assessment” Emma and Pooja

” I found it intersting, especially when we went round the room which had loads of facts, I still can’t get over the fact that Chinese people used to use old fishing nets to make paper!” Lucia

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