There is only ONE option worth making at GCSE!

Geography GCSE Options Evening

Geography GCSE Options Evening

Y9 options evening for GCSE was held this week, with Miss Moore, Mr Macgregor, Mr Coole and Miss Winskill on hand to talk through the GCSE geography course. The six key topics, Rocks, Population, Rural Environments, Tectonics and Tourism are explained in more detail if you click on the Y10 and Y11 sections. There is also more information about the coursework based on the River Neb fieldwork and the trip off-island to the Yorkshire Dales.

WE FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT GEOGRAPHY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT you can possibly take. Every job, every career and even every day life is connected to people and places and the links between them. It is not about naming capitals and countries like non-geographers like to think. It is about the real world, and real events.

Take the last week’s worth of news:
1. James Cameron goes on a submarine to investigate the deep sea Mariana Trench. (Tectonics)
2. Report on the anniversary of the London riots. (Population and urban geography)
3. One year anniversary of the 2011 tsunami. (Tectonics)
4. NHS budgets. (Population, migration and geography of health)
5. Drought in the UK. (Rural environments, rivers, population, weather)
6. Petrol shortages and queues at the garage. (Natural resources, population and trade)

Do I need to go on? Geography is the here and the now. Be part of it!

If you want further information about the course or would like a leaflet (expertly modeled by Mr Macgregor in the photograph!), please speak to your class teacher or call into the Geography office in 17a.

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