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Race the sun

Mr Coole and Mr Macgregor (and 8 other SNHS staff) took part in the Race The Sun coastal marathon on Saturday 19th May, a relay of 95 miles around the coastal footpath Raad ny Foillan that had to be completed between sunrise and sunset. Poor Mr Coole drew the short straw and had to run the Port Erin to Niarbyl leg- plenty of contours to cross on that route!

The Race the Sun staff team

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Controlled coursework at GCSE

Y10 geographers are busy this term with their controlled coursework projects based on the fieldtrip to the rivers Barrule and Neb a few weeks ago. The students have 20 hours of classroom time to put together their investigation to answer the aim “How does a river change along it’s long profile” which in layman’s terms means what different landforms and processes occur from the source of the river in South Barrule plantation right down to the mouth of the river in Peel.

Annotated sketch maps

Students have a potential 60 marks to gain by discussing river theory, hypotheses (e.g. the river water increases in velocity from source to mouth), graphs and maps, analysis, conclusion and evaluation.

Pictured here are students creating different aspects of the data presentation section, which they will then analyse to prepare a written summary of changes they found along the long profile such as patterns, trends and anomalies. They will then need to use all the theory of rivers they have learnt in previous lessons to explain either why the river behaves in a way they expected, or why it might be doing something completely unexpected. The river at The Raggatt is a good example of a modified channel that doesn’t conform to theory!

Site maps- good practice for using grid references

Located piecharts to show bedload roundness

Are they asleep? No- just making the best use of the floor space for their mapwork!

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AS/A2 Geography Genius Workshops

AQA Chief Examiner Mr. David Redfern was at St Ninian’s High School last Saturday to deliver two exam workshops for Y12 and Y13 geographers from all of the island’s secondary schools.

Who wrote the textbook? Look carefully at the authors’ names!

The two and half hour long sessions were well attended, with the lecture theatre full during both.  The presentations were based on the forthcoming Geog 1 and Geog 3 papers, providing information about the exam structure and expectations. It was useful for students to see examples of real exam scripts from past exams, to see how marks had been allocated, and how that translated to grades.

Many thanks to Mr. Redfern for his time, and the geography staff and students from all the schools for their participation.

Good luck everyone for the forthcoming exams and don’t forget the Y12 drop in session on Monday 21st May.


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River Result!

Year 10 River Neb Fieldwork

Year 10 River Neb Fieldwork

Year 10 Geographers carried out a day of investigation on the River Neb this week. The purpose was to collect data and information about six sites along the river (South Barrule Plantation, Foxdale, St. Johns, The Raggatt and Peel) to measure the width, depth, velocity, bedload size and roundness, and individual students carried out extra measurements of pH, suspended load, land use, soil type and wetted perimeter.

This data will be used to write an investigation over the summer term to explain whether the River Neb channel fits the textbook theory of rivers, or whether human influence and modification has altered the channel and it’s processes. This will count as 25% of the GCSE final grade.

What we hope they will remember: Everything about attrition, turbulent flow and changes down the long profile.

What they will definitely remember: Chris and Matt’s wellies being flooded over and the dog biscuits shaped like a fish (for measuring velocity) floating off down stream.

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