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Year 10 River Neb Fieldwork

Year 10 River Neb Fieldwork

Year 10 Geographers carried out a day of investigation on the River Neb this week. The purpose was to collect data and information about six sites along the river (South Barrule Plantation, Foxdale, St. Johns, The Raggatt and Peel) to measure the width, depth, velocity, bedload size and roundness, and individual students carried out extra measurements of pH, suspended load, land use, soil type and wetted perimeter.

This data will be used to write an investigation over the summer term to explain whether the River Neb channel fits the textbook theory of rivers, or whether human influence and modification has altered the channel and it’s processes. This will count as 25% of the GCSE final grade.

What we hope they will remember: Everything about attrition, turbulent flow and changes down the long profile.

What they will definitely remember: Chris and Matt’s wellies being flooded over and the dog biscuits shaped like a fish (for measuring velocity) floating off down stream.

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