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Location, location, location!

The new geography rooms at the Lower school site at Bemahague are ready to go, and our favourite “signpost” displays are already up to inspire the students in September.

The new school is obviously much larger the the old Park Road site, and so even the geographers are taking some time to find their bearings. The new geography room are in the Learning Zone, which is the central block as you enter reception. You can find our teacher rooms on the upper floor- room L301 and L311, and the geography office is L312.

How many miles as the crow flies from Bemahague to destinations all over the world.

L301- just missing the teachers desk.

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Geographical Olympians!

With Olympic fever running high, Year 9 geography students have been working for the last seven weeks on a variety of geography themes linked to the Games, enabling them to put their learning into action.

Students have considered why some countries win more medals than others- is wealth and development a factor?- or why some nations excel at particular sports. They have looked at how lifestyle may affect health and ability to compete. They have designed a London 2012 movie trailer to discuss the idea of ‘Britishness’ and what this means. They have considered the route of the Olympic torch around the world, the constructions of the stadiums and Olympic village and the effects this has had, and will continue to have on the community and the environment. They’ve looked at the impact on increased tourism to the capital, and have even weighed up the pros and cons of siting military equipment on residential properties.

As the Games draw nearer there will no doubt be many Year 9’s watching the competitions and races with a ‘geographical eye’.

Students hold their own ‘public enquiry’ to discuss the impact of the games of local Stratford residents.


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