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Confused about option choices?

It can be difficult making GCSE or A-level subject choices- but here’s why geography is without doubt THE MOST IMPORTANT subject.  As the Chinese philosopher said “May you live in Interesting Times”, these clips prove that it is pretty clear that we do. Without a sound geographical understanding how can any of us function at all?

Why I love geography

Thinking Like a Geographer

Changing geography

Geography matters


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We always KNEW geography was an important option choice!

Details of university preferences for important A-level choices firmly put geography up there as a recognised academic subject- one that is seen more favourable as an A-level choice than a number of other options.

See this clip on the BBC  for more details, and consideration when making GCSE and A-level choice. Take the right path for your education: choose GEOGRAPHY! (You know you’re worth it! 🙂 )

Y11 options day/ evening 20th February
Y9 options evening 21st March

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Geography Video Revision

Every Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes from 4th February, room 17 is hosting a geography video extravaganza. This will include Hollywood blockbusters like Hotel Rwanda and Black Gold, as well as key concept and theory videos such as ‘the one about Transmigration’ or ‘the one where they helicopter people out of the Boscastle flood’.

These sessions are aimed at Y11 as part of their revision for the summer exams, but other students are welcome to attend too. Turn up, kick back, and enjoy the geography!

Day Date Video topic (and minutes)  
Monday 4th February Hotel Rwanda part 1 (1hr) DVD
Wednesday 6th February Hotel Rwanda part 2 (1hr) DVD
Monday 18th February Landforms: Rocks and rivers (40)

Mr Macgregors Neb video (9)

Wednesday 20th February Transmigration 20

India 100% cotton (30 mins)

Monday 25th February Population and agriculture (40) V28
Wednesday 27th February Boscastle floods (1hr) V59
Monday 4th March River landforms (26)

Three gorges Dam (30)



Wednesday 6th March River Rhine floods& Management (1hr) V25
Monday 11th March Youthful populations  (30)

Ageing populations  (30)

Wednesday 13th March European migrants and refugees (35)

World Population issues (27)




Monday 18th March Farmer diaries-lake district DVD
Wednesday 20th March Haiti earthquake (1hr) DVD
Monday 8th April Black gold (1hr) DVD
Wednesday 10th April Black gold (cash crop-coffee) (1hr) DVD


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