Mountain madness with Y12

Y12 headed off last week for a 4 day residential in North Wales and Manchester as final preparation for their AS exams (next week!) and some observation fieldwork for their Y13 course next year.

Everyone point out the pyramidal peak please!

Everyone point out the pyramidal peak please!

A great time had by all, as Matthew and Grace’s summary shows below.

Don't be silly on the steep slope down into Cwn Dyli

Don’t be silly on the steep slope down into Cwm Dyli


After being quite apprehensive prior to our geography ‘voyage’ with Miss Moore’s explanation of Ben’s bunkhouse being “it’s very basic” and Mr Macgregor’s “It’s not luxury accommodation” we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived in rural north Wales to find our cosy lodgings for the next two days in a stunning spectacular glacial environment. After came the real fun, our day measuring the Afon Glaslyn! Which was the day when we think Miss Moore would be proud to call us all ‘Geography geniuses’ – even with Grace’s ankle spraining and Matthew’s soaking! Following dodgy flow meters and several slips we were all relieved when we retreated to our sanctuary of “luxury accommodation” with hot(ish – if you were early enough!) showers, Mr Coole’s and Miss Moore’s explanation of the day and Bear Macgregor’s fine cooking of spag boll and chilli, plus a trip to Mofa Harlech to go dune jumping! The next day we travelled to Manchester leaving behind the stunning scenery of Llanberis and changed it for the urban environment of Salford – the contrast being very obvious after spending two days in what seemed to be complete seclusion. After a nice night on curry mile and all being quite glad Mark survived without the use of his Epipen, we woke up and stuffed ourselves at the Premier Inn breakfast – anyone would have thought we’d not been fed for the last few days – and took to the day with a storm! Spending the day doing walks and transects of different regions of Manchester, with plenty of eating intertwined! Looking back now it’s clear to see the bond that has formed within the geographers – it’s like nothing in any other department. We are proud to be the SNHS AS Geographers of 2014.         Grace and Matthew

The calm photo before the 'Crack Challenge'! Well done Daniel Phair!!

The calm photo before the ‘Crack in the rock Challenge’! Well done Daniel Phair for being the first student ever to complete, and giving Mr Macgregor a run for his money!



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