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Literacy support with Y7 Antarctica projects

Y7 students have been working on their Antarctica assessment tasks to answer the question “What should happen to Antarctica in the future?”

Since Easter, the students have been looking at a series of lessons looking at different aspects of ‘the frozen continent’, including historical exploration and expeditions, surviving the Antarctic climate, food chains (who killed the krill?), and the research being undertaking by scientists and resource and mining companies. The students were then tasked to look at different people’s opinions of how the natural resources and environment should be used, such as those connected with tourism, environmentalism and biology, and how the uses of Antarctica could fit with the rules of the Antarctic Treaty.

Students are pictured below working on their projects, using literacy mats and Antarctica spelling mats to help formulate their ideas into accurate and precise arguments concerning the development of the Antarctic region.Photo on 17-06-2014 at 14.44 #2 Photo on 17-06-2014 at 14.43 Photo on 17-06-2014 at 14.43 #2 Photo on 17-06-2014 at 14.44


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Y12 spent the day at the north of the island this week investigating sand dunes as part of their preparation for the Y13 ecosystems topic.

Despite the glorious weather of last week, we managed to get the only rainy morning instead of the beach weather we had hoped for, but it did clear up and students were able to get a precise set of data. The students were looking specifically at how sand dunes developed between Bluepoint and the Ayres, measuring dune height and gradients, plant species and biodiversity, and analysing soil structure and quality. This is in order to understand whether plant species and colonisation is happing on the dune system (a psammosere) as theory suggests, of whether the island has it’s own quirky land forms and processes.

SNHSgeography's answer to the Vontrap family singers

SNHSgeography’s answer to the Vontrap family singers

Y12 model a human windfarm

Y12 model a human windfarm

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Sita stars!

Three Y8 students were awarded prizes today by Jack Kaighin and Ali Clark from the Island’s Energy from Waste plant.

This was a result of a competition for Y8 geographers to design a leaflet to explain about their visit to the EfW plant on Richmond Hill earlier in the year as part of their ‘My world; My responsibility’ topic. The students were tasked to consider how the plant works, and why it was chosen as a suitable option for waste management and energy generation for the Isle of Man.

Jack and Ali said ‘We were very impressed with the amount of information the students had remembered from their visit to the plant, and the effort and care that had gone in to producing the leaflets. We shall be displaying the finished work in the EfW for other school and community visitors to see. It is good to see SNHS geographers learning about the importance of recycling and waste management”

Sample of the students work

Sample of the students work

The three winning students, Cara, Megan and Carrey were each presented with a goodie pack with a selection of Sita and EfW merchandise to help them with their studies, such as mouse mats, stationery and memory sticks, with the first prize winner also receiving a laptop bag. Many thanks to the Sita team for judging the competition, providing the prizes and for allowing the Y8 geographers to have the worthwhile experience of the visit to the EfW plant each year.

Jack, Ali, and the three prize winners

Jack, Ali, and the three prize winners

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