Y12 spent the day at the north of the island this week investigating sand dunes as part of their preparation for the Y13 ecosystems topic.

Despite the glorious weather of last week, we managed to get the only rainy morning instead of the beach weather we had hoped for, but it did clear up and students were able to get a precise set of data. The students were looking specifically at how sand dunes developed between Bluepoint and the Ayres, measuring dune height and gradients, plant species and biodiversity, and analysing soil structure and quality. This is in order to understand whether plant species and colonisation is happing on the dune system (a psammosere) as theory suggests, of whether the island has it’s own quirky land forms and processes.

SNHSgeography's answer to the Vontrap family singers

SNHSgeography’s answer to the Vontrap family singers

Y12 model a human windfarm

Y12 model a human windfarm

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