Literacy support with Y7 Antarctica projects

Y7 students have been working on their Antarctica assessment tasks to answer the question “What should happen to Antarctica in the future?”

Since Easter, the students have been looking at a series of lessons looking at different aspects of ‘the frozen continent’, including historical exploration and expeditions, surviving the Antarctic climate, food chains (who killed the krill?), and the research being undertaking by scientists and resource and mining companies. The students were then tasked to look at different people’s opinions of how the natural resources and environment should be used, such as those connected with tourism, environmentalism and biology, and how the uses of Antarctica could fit with the rules of the Antarctic Treaty.

Students are pictured below working on their projects, using literacy mats and Antarctica spelling mats to help formulate their ideas into accurate and precise arguments concerning the development of the Antarctic region.Photo on 17-06-2014 at 14.44 #2 Photo on 17-06-2014 at 14.43 Photo on 17-06-2014 at 14.43 #2 Photo on 17-06-2014 at 14.44


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