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Malham Trip 2014

This year 29 students and 4 members of staff travelled to Malham for a residential fieldtrip to Malham Village and the surrounding area. Two minibuses travelled to Heysham with bags loaded on the roof. It wasn’t long before the first excitement of the trip took place with a 20 minute visit to Asda. It was unbelievable the excitement this generated. The first day proved to be the worst with the weather and our visit to an upland farm certainly tested the students outdoor clothing. After our first meal at the YHA the pupils reviewed what National Parks are and what they had learnt in the day.

On the Friday there was much trepidation about the ‘massive walk’ but this proved unfounded with the students enjoying a variety of stops including Janets Foss (where lucky coins where hammered into a tree stump), Gordale Scar, Malham Tarn, Watlowes dry valley and Malham Cove. The weather changed to a glorious day as forecast. After some free time and a second great evening meal the students started the challenges in their teams. This included: dealing with a radioactive pan, hoop and nail challenge and a nightline. The final points were decided on the Geog Factor (which closely resembles the X Factor!). Some great sketches were put on by the students with the activities finally finishing at 11.00pm!

The final day on the Saturday the group visited Clapham Village which has clearly seen the signs of the recession. We then walked up to Clapham Cave and John, our guide, showed us around with his usual enthusiasm. After a quick visit to Ingleton to see some Yorkshire shops we headed South to Liverpool with a final stop at Aintree retail park before catching the ferry home, even arriving early!

watlowes dry valleyjanets fossgordale scar

It is important to hear directly from the students so the following are a few of their quotes.

“It’s a very good trip full of interesting and amazing things to see and do, I would recommend going on it again.”

“I think the trip was very interesting and fun, I would recommend it to future students.”

“The trip is amazing, you must go on it, you do lots of interesting things.”

“We learnt about the sites around Malham and Malham’s Geography. We also learnt about the formation of the cave in Clapham. I liked finding out about how the cave in Clapham was formed and how the rocks and fossils got there.”

“It was very fun and worth going to learn about the Yorkshire dales.”

“It taught me loads and it was fun at the same time.”

“I would definitely go back to Malham and the YHA youth hostel.”

“The trip is great and Malham Cove is amazing”

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