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Energy from Waste plant Prize trip

After the year 8’s all visited the Energy From Waste Plant in March they completed an assessment. This included how the plant fits into the Isle of Man and the wider world. The leaflets the students completed were then judged and the best ones selected. The students with the three best ones in the year group went on an extra visit to the Plant in June and had an extended tour of the site and all got to operate the 10tonne grabber placing waste on the hopper. This was a great opportunity and thanks for the help of Suez who run the site.

The 3 best leaflets were: Raheem Rashid, Claire Clucas and Ryan Hughes.

Also, receiving prizes in assembly for highly commended were: Gracie Volves, Ben Kermode, Dan Jones, Hannah Brearly, Sophie Kelly, David Cowin, Kyle Crellin, Isla Yule, Sizzi Zsoldos

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