September 2017:  28 year 10 students visited Malham and the Yorkshire Dales for a 3 day trip.  Lots of information was gathered on why tourists visit the limestone landscape and spectacular scenery.  The group also visited Inglebrough Cave and Ingleton.  On the way back to the Isle of Man we looked at an Urban transect into Liverpool and finished up with a trip up radio city tower.  A great trip and some excellent students!




June 2017:  Great effort from Raheem, Claire and Ryan producing the best leaflets for the Energy from Waste Plant visit.

group june17


June 2014: Thanks to Leigh and Georgia for finishing of the geography library in L301. Superb colour coding 🙂

June 2014: Well done everyone for finishing of your exams- last one (4a) today!

May 2014: Bye Bye Y13 😦


Knock 'em dead on Geog 3 and 4a!

Knock ’em dead on Geog 3 and 4a!


May 2014: Well done Aimee and Caragh for winning the North-west RTPI regional competition with your design for  a city of the future! Great stuff and enjoy spending all your prize money! Article link is here.

Caragh and Aimee with Michael Gallagher from Dept of Infrastructure

Caragh and Aimee with Michael Gallagher from Dept of Infrastructure

Aimee's design

Aimee’s design

Caragh's design

Caragh’s design

Selection of more Y13 entries

Selection of more Y13 entries

March 2014: Geog genius to the Y9 teams on the Montserrat hazard challenge!

Photo on 24-03-2014 at 15.34

March 2014: Not obviously geographical, but there was a link to exercise provision on the island for the geography of health….. Thanks Ellie for teaching us all some yoga 🙂

Photo on 21-03-2014 at 14.17

Dec 2013: Members of 9DGR, doing erm….not sure exactly what in this photo…. but some fab geography presentations 🙂

Amerindians in the classroom....

Amerindians in the classroom….

22nd Oct 2013: Jac chilling out over lunchtime with the geography puzzles

DSCN7431 DSCN7430

10th Oct 2013:  Megan K 9DGR- geographic and artistic genius!

Photo on 10-10-2013 at 14.34

9th Oct: Geography genius to Vishal, Matthew, James, Jamie, Ellie and Joe- hope the sugar high lasted the rest of the day 🙂

Jelly baby population pyramids: quotes include- "I don't like those green people", " Oh no all my people are dying!" *Joe* "I've got China- there's no women left"....

Jelly baby population pyramids: quotes include- “I don’t like those green people”, ” Oh no all my people are dying!” *Joe* “I’ve got China- there’s no women left”….

Photo on 09-10-2013 at 12.26 #2 Photo on 09-10-2013 at 12.26

15th July:  Lee Kelly and all the Y10’s – well done for getting your GCSE coursework done and dusted before the summer holidays 🙂 Yabba dabba doo!

1st July: to the Y10’s….. they are so busy doing the last few high control lessons even though it is near the end of term. Well done chaps- just the last few coursework lessons to go!

26th June: Ellen Stewart. ‘Nuf said.

27th May 2013: Fab work Leigh W for your volcano model.

Ready to erupt!

Ready to erupt!

11th May 2013: Many thanks Jason C for all your work at lunchtimes helping us with the fieldwork equipment:) Much appreciated.

8th May 2013: You all looked fab at the prom- great to see all our geographers can glam up- it’s not all about wellies and waterproofs!DSCN5791 DSCN5785 DSCN5780 DSCN5767 DSCN5764 DSCN5766 DSCN5786

3rd May 2013:  Jasmin H for the cakes and sweets in our last Y11 lesson: long live the geography choir! 🙂

1st May 2013: Y13 demand to be added onto this page as it is their last few weeks with us so: geography genius status to Katie for the cakes, Josh, Joe for the 25 minute presentation/’obviously’, Ryan for all the visits to the garage, Brandon for longevity, Erin for the chocolates, Grace for the red and blue writing, Jack for services to geography workshops and Connor for single-handedly doing all the psammosere fieldwork. Geog-tastic…. and now just get the results in your final exams!

Y13 on the last lesson... thanks Caitlin for the cookies and cakes :)

Y13 on the last lesson… thanks Caitlin for the cookies and cakes 🙂

29th April 2013: Geography genius to Adam Callow for these brilliant panoramic photos of the sites we investigated on the River Neb.072 070 067 066 065


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