Meet the Staff

Welcome to Geography!  You will have a unique learning experience with:

Mr Macgregor and Star

Mr Macgregor (JKM): Mr Macgregor is the Head of Department and first started teaching at SNHS in 1998 for two years. He then moved to CRHS for 4 years before returning to SNHS in 2004. He is keen on travel which entails a yearly tour of the UK and Europe, but his favourite country visited is Iceland for its unique landscape and culture. Mr Macgregor is keen on all pursuits outdoors, has run the London marathon 9 times, and is a member of the island inland search group (S.A.R.D.A) and is one of only two search and rescue dog handlers on the island.

Ms Winskill

Ms Winskill (NJW) Ms Winskill has worked at St. Ninian’s since September 2001. In 2006, she left the island for a short time, teaching geography in Madrid, Spain and Auckland, New Zealand. Whilst in NZ, she enjoyed the spectacular scenery of the country, including the amazing volcanic landscape of the Tongariro Crossing, seen here in the picture.

Mr Coole

Mr Coole (CJC) Mr Coole will be returning to SNHS as the new Headmaster in September 2017. He did of course spend many years working previously as the Head of geography here, so it is great news to be welcoming him back! He might be spotted in the meantime whizzing around the islands road on a bicycle.


Mr Hennessey: (PJH) Dividing his time between geography and PE, Mr Hennessey spent a number of years teaching geography abroad, before starting at SNHS in 2014. He has taught in and travelled in a number of countries by motorbike including: India, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Portugal and Australia.

Fondly remembered in the geography staff Hall of Fame:
Mr Coole, Miss Moore, Miss Cryan/Mrs Forbes, Mrs Dale, Mrs Aldridge (still at SNHS!)


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