Year 13’s study a plagioclimax

With the weather being kind our year 13’s studied heather at Creg ny Baa and at Keppel gate to identify stages on the heather cycle and record the impact of Muirburn.

Only 1 more trip before they leave 😦


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Year 8’s visit the Energy from waste plant

A great trip for all the year 8’s who visited the plant.  A great deal of information was given and all students now have an assessment highlighting how the plant works and fits in to the wider environment.

Thanks to Jack and jo for showing us around and all the staff who gave up their time to make this possible.

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Y8 take on the Dragon’s!

Y8 students, as part of their ‘My world;My responsibility’ topic this term have been designing and presenting an eco friendly idea to their fellow classmates in a Dragon’s Den style sequence of lessons. Featured below is Luke’s Electric Eco-bus idea.Photo on 22-02-2016 at 12.02 #2.jpg

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Geography in Action!

3/12/15- Mother nature has shown her strength, as flash floods wreak havoc all over the island! 2908163807.jpg3612159365.jpg12322822_1528821470774346_1524441632691050671_o.jpg

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