Within the geography department, there are clear systems and policies that the teachers follow, and certain expectations that we ask all students to adhere to.
This enables effective teaching and learning for everyone in the class.
Please make sure that you and your parents understand how these systems work.

Google classrooms.
At the start of the year your teacher will ask you to join a google classroom set up specifically for your class. This is a way for the teacher to message you information and reminder to help with homework tasks, or give out extra information as needed. You can also use it to contact the teacher if you need some extra help.
Please make sure you can access the google classroom and you check the message and announcements on it regularly.

Your teacher will set homework when it is appropriate to support and enhance your learning opportunities. You need to be responsible for writing down the detail of the homework, and the date it is due, in your planner, and ensure that it is handed in on time. The teacher will often place a reminder on google classroom too. We understand that occasionally you may have difficultly in meeting a deadline. If this is the case, please ask a parent/guardian to write a note in your planner explaining this.
If you miss deadlines/fail to complete work and are unable to show us in a note that your parents are aware of this, your teacher will record this as a no homework stamp. Once you have three no homework stamps the Head of Geography will contact your parents.

Any unsuitable behaviour that prevents the learning in the classroom (for yourself or other students) is not acceptable and will result in your teacher following the whole school behaviour policy. Full details of this policy, sanctions and interventions can be found on the main school website.

Marking codes.
Your teacher will mark your exercise book and assessments using a geography departmental code system. This will help you to understand exactly what you could do in future to improve this, or further pieces of work. Please familiarise yourselves with the code so you understand the meaning.

Sp Spelling issues
Pun Punctuation issues, or use of good grammar
Des Description or content needs more detail
Sk Skills need to be improved or made more accurate
Voc More geographical vocabulary needs to be used
E More examples/evidence needed
Eq Correct equipment needs to be brought to the lesson
Ex Explanation and more understanding needs to be shown
Ap Appearance and general tidiness of work needs to be improved
Ef More general effort required
Com Work needs to be completed
Org Ensure all worksheets are glued in

Students will also be awarded a score of 1-5 based on their effort, which will be recorded as merits on the schools central system.

We expect all students to have with them the following items for their geography lessons.

Their yellow geography exercise book, issued at the start of the year.
Blue/black pen
Protractor (ideally 360)

Students may also find it useful to have with them their own pencil crayons, felt tips, glue and scissors, though these items will be provided by the class teacher for relevant activities.

Geography drop in. 
The geography department run a weekly drop in session during a lunchtime. This could be time for you to play geography-themed games and movies, seek help with homework/coursework, or just chill out in the geography room. We are open to suggestions in how you use this time, so if you have a project you have always fancied having a go at, please ask and we can see what we can do.
Ask your teacher if you are not sure which day and room these sessions run.





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