Year 8

AUTUMN TERM: How was the Isle of Man formed?


This topic encourages students to revisit their map skills as they learn about the powerful work of water, wind, and ice that create the landforms we see around us.

1. What processes shape the land around us? Weathering and erosion  Agents of erosionDefinitions Weathering definitions Types of weathering

2. What are the rock types of the Isle of man?
3. Identification of Manx Rocks.
4-6 Billown Quarry public enquiry Levelled Assessment

7. Rivers as agents of erosion. Drainage basin.

8. Rivers of the Isle of Man

9. Waterfalls self study research
10. What landforms do we find in the lower course of a river? Diagram  Features  Clip 
11. What landforms at the coastline are the result of erosion? Coastal erosion Headland erosion Erosion clip Diagram

12. Investigation into Kirk Michael coastline preparation Manx Heritage Clip News article Government action
13. LEVELLED ASSESSMENT (Ayres letter task)

SPRING TERM: My world; my responsibility


This topic enables students to make links between physical and human geography, and understand how people’s actions can have unintended consequences.
Interactive link to calculate your human footprint

1. What are natural resources and why do people consume them at different rates? National Geographic Watersense
2. What is the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy sources? advantages/disadvantages  Energy quest
3. Why can transportation of non-renewables be a risk? Marine pollution Sea Empress info Sea Empress images
4. How are fossil fuels linked to global warming? Clean air kids Climate change
5. Visit to the Energy from Waste Plant – fieldwork Sita IOMGov Waste games EcoMann

7. How could we choose where to locate a wind farm? Cumbria Wind Watch  Locations
8. How environmentally friendly is the school site? The Green squad How to make it more eco friendly
9. Is recycling always a good thing? E-waste in China
10. Can we design a ‘Bright Idea for the future’? Ideas 1 Ideas 2 Ideas 3
11. Who has designed the brightest idea for the future – Dragon’s den
12.LEVELLED ASSESSMENT (Dragon’s Den presentation)

SUMMER TERM: Investigating Italy

The topic challenges students to consider differences within a European country, and how policies and development can change the characteristics of places.

1. Where is Italy in Europe? Quiz Quiz 2 
2. What is the physical and human geography of Italy? Physical features Cities quiz How to draw an Italy map
3. What is Italy’s climate and how do we draw a climate graph? You tube tutorial Regional climate data table
4. How can we create a food map for Italy? Italian cuisine Regional food Farmers decision making
5. Why might some people be thinking about migrating within Italy? Migration theory
6. What are the differences between north and south Italy? Summary Card sort North south divide

7. How could the south be improved?
8. How is the south being improved?
9. What is the impact of tourism in the Italian Alps?
10.  LEVELLED ASSESSMENT (Sustainable tourism in Italy display)

Geographical Wonders

This short topic is simple to get students thinking about all the amazing landforms and processes that occur in the world.

11. What are the seven geographical wonders of the world?
12. What is the mystery of the moving rocks?
13. Geography wonders presentation and vote


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